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What Is The Shark Rocket?

The Shark Rocket is an ultra lightweight vacuum, that provides you with the same cleaning power as an upright vacuum. Although the Shark Rocket is a lightweight vacuum you can still count on it to deep clean your carpets. Shark is the #1 most recommended vacuum brand, and the Shark Rocket holds true to the standard. With it’s no loss of suction technology you won’t have to worry about it loosing it’s suction power, therefore you don’t have to worry about the Shark Rocket loosing is cleaning power. This is truly the Shark’s lightest no loss of suction true deep carpet cleaning upright ever! The Shark Rocket is yet another Shark product that you’ll be pleased to have in your household.

The Shark Rocket Technology provides you with more suction power, however its uses less energy.You’ll not only be able to clean your carpets and hard floor surfaces with ease, but it is also designed for above the floor cleaning. You’ll be able to clean from floor to ceiling with ease! Regardless of what area in your home is in need of cleaning, the Shark Rocket has you covered.

Shark designed the Shark Rocket to provide consumers with the ability to clean everywhere and everything in their home. Most vacuums don’t provide you with the capability of being able to get to those hard to reach areas within your home such as under your appliances, and baseboards. Now you’ll be able to clean every nook and cranny in your home with less effort with the Shark Rocket.

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How Does The Shark Rocket Compare To Competitors Such As The Dyson?

Many side by side comparisons have been done between the Shark Rocket and the Dyson Digital Slim as well as a Dyson upright vacuum. In which, many have chosen the Shark Rocket over the Dyson for several different reasons. The Shark Rocket is extremely lightweight and portable, weighing only about 8 pounds. Although it is an ultra light vacuum it still provides you with true deep cleaning capabilities. This is where the Dyson Digital Slim falls short. Dyson was in fact the first to invent a ultra light vacuum however it did not deep clean your carpets as well as a regular Dyson upright. The Shark Rocket provides you not only with superior cleaning capabilities but it also provides you with the ease of cleaning due to its ergonomic design.

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Is The Shark Rocket Great For Removing Pet Hair?

The Shark Rocket is designed exclusively with the pet lover in mind. It comes with several attachments for removing pet hair. Whether you have to remove pet hair from your stairs, furniture, or curtains you can expect a deep cleaning with the Motorized Hand Tool and the Pet Upholstery Tool. You won’t have to worry about the cleaning power of the Shark Rocket diminishing due to pet clean ups like with other vacuums on the market.

Shark Rocket Motorized Hand Tool

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Shark Rocket Pet/Upholstery Tool

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What Kinds Of Attachments Are Available For The Shark Rocket?

Aside from the attachments that come with the Shark Rocket, additional attachments are available as well. Shark has designed the Rocket Booster Pack which includes cleaning attachments that serve their own unique purposes.

The Shark Rocket Booster Pack Includes:

The Dust Away Attachment

The Dust Away Attachment combines the suction power of the Shark Rocket with a microfiber pad which allows you to dust and clean your bare floors in one shot. You’ll be able to pick up both big and small particles. This in essence helps to reduce you cleaning time with the Shark Rocket.

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The Under Appliance Wand

What sets the Shark Rocket apart from other vacuums on the market is that it provides you with the ability to clean under your appliances. With the under appliance wand you’ll be able to clean under appliances in your kitchen such as your refrigerator, stove, etc… As well as appliances in your living room such as entertainment centers. The under appliance wand slides easily into those tight areas and sucks up dirt in areas you typically wouldn’t have access too. The Shark Rocket makes this possible.

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Motorized Power Brush

The Motorized Power Brush allows you to use the Shark Rocket to get rid of dander and pet hair. The unique thing about the attachment is that you don’t have to worry about the suction power of the Shark Rocket diminishing due to cleaning up these kinds of messes frequently.

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As you can see the Shark Rocket allows you to thoroughly clean your entire home effortlessly.


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